Fine Furniture Care

Upholstery Fabric:

Upholstery fabrics should be dusted on a regular basis with a vacuum cleaner to prolong the life of the piece. Delicate fabrics should be brushed rather than vacuumed so as not to damage fibers. When a complete overall cleaning is required, it is recommended that only a professional cleaner do it. Blot spots and spills immediately. Spot clean only with a mild, water free solvent or dry cleaning product. Always pretest a small area first. Never remove cushion covers for separate dry cleaning or washing, even though they do have zippers. Do not use bleach at any time. The use of steam or water based cleaners may cause excessive shrinking or staining of upholstery materials. Do not use any tumble method cleaning service as this may destroy the backing of the fabric or shrink the fabric. All fabrics may fade over time. Wearability of fabrics is relative to care and use. Cleaning by a professional upholstery cleaning service is recommended.

Cushion Maintenance:

All upholstery pieces should be dusted on a regular basis with a vacuum cleaner. Delicate fabrics should be brushed rather than vacuumed so as not to damage fibers. Down filled cushions should be brushed rather than vacuumed so as not to pull out feathers. Seat cushions should be reversed regularly, and the left, right, and center sofa cushions should be rotated to achieve maximum wear. All back pillows and throw pillows should be rotated and fluffed every 1 to 2 weeks, depending on use to keep a luxurious appearance. Down-filled cushions should be removed twice a year from covers and left overnight to allow the feathers and down to decompress.


Leather furniture should be dusted lightly with a dry or slightly damp, soft white cloth. Avoid using saddle soap or other cleaners. For stains, clean the surrounding area with lukewarm water and a soft white cloth. If the stain persists, gently blot the area using a mild liquid detergent and a soft white cloth. Never vigorously rub a stained area.

Suede and Nubuc Leathers:

Brush your Nubuc or suede leather pieces occasionally with a suede brush or vigorously fluff the fibers. Use a soft, slightly damp, white cloth when cleaning spills or stains, then immediately blot dry. Follow up with the use of a suede brush to fluff the fibers. Never use soaps, detergents, or bleach. Never vigorously rub a stained area. Exposure to liquid spills should be avoided since suede and Nubuc cannot be washed or cleaned like other leathers.


As the humidity changes in your home, so does the moisture content in all wood furniture in your home. If the humidity is too extreme, the wood will move, and could split or crack. The most suitable conditions for wood furniture are temperatures between 65 and 75 degrees fahrenheit and relative humidity levels between 45 and 55 percent.

Wood Finishes:

Avoid using silicone waxes, lemon oil, or other oily polishes. Your fine furniture has a protective lacquer finish that most likely will not require any care other than dusting. However, on highly used surfaces, we recommend applying a quality paste wax, such as is available next door at the Brandywine River Antique Market, to provide additional protection from scratches and spills. Avoid contact of wood feet to damp surfaces such as freshly cleaned carpets. Doing so can damage the wood or finish and possibly bleed the finish color into the carpet.


Arrange your furniture so that it does not sit near heat registers, any direct heat source or direct sunlight. Remember, even the finest furniture will deteriorate with neglect. When you put fine furniture into your home or office, give it the care it deserves to preserve the life of the piece for generations to enjoy.