Design Services Questionnaire

Client Information

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We understand this is a tough question, but the sky really is the limit here. How much are you planning to spend on this project. Be as open with us a possible. The budget you provide us with will determine which of our brands, and collections within each brand we'll shop for you. If there are budgetary constraints, it will also help us eliminate certain collections from the start.




List all family members currently residing in the home, please include ages of children and number of pets:

Do you anticipate changes for any household members (i.e. college, retirement, etc.) within the next 2-3 years?

How long have you lived in your home, and how long do you plan to stay in this home?

What part of your house do you use the most?

What part of your house do you use the least?

Audio/Video/Computer needs:


Art or collections that should be considered for display:


Please check all that apply


Any other information regarding your entertaining style that you would like to share:

Design Needs

What rooms are you redesigning and how will these rooms be used?

Additional Style Comments:

Do you have any existing furniture, accessories, window treatments, and/or wall coverings that you would like to use in the room? Also, how you'd like them repurposed? Send us photos of these items when you have a second.

Are there any specific storage needs/concerns?

Please check all that apply

Clean lines

Are there any images from a magazine or blog that show a look similar to what you have in mind?

Please describe the color theme you have in mind for the room(s) regarding this project?

Are there any colors you dislike?

Do you have any fabric (i.e. print or material) preferences?

Are there any fabrics (i.e. prints or materials) you dislike?

Is there a part of a room that you would like to make the focal point (ex: fireplace, floor to ceil-ing windows, etc)

Does anyone in the home or that regularly visits the home have allergies or asthma? If so, please explain to what extent. Do you have any upholstery limitations? (think down filled cushions)

Are there any images you can share with us that show fabrics or a color theme you like?

Any other facts we should consider as we work on this project?